Big Hero 6

The movie Big Hero 6 was filmed at Disney Animation Studios. The movie was directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. It is based on the Marvel Super hero team.  Big Hero 6 is an action packed comedy about inflatable robot Baymax and Hiro Hamana. It came out on November 7, 2014.  They team up with their friends Adrenaline Junkie Gogo, Neatnik Wasabi, Chemistry whix Lemon, and Fanboy Fred. When their lives take a terrible turn, it turns dangerous in the streets of Sanfrantokyo. Hiro Hamana turns his group of friends determined to save the citizens of Sanfrantokyo from a combat masked villain into a group of high tech heroes. Alexis says”I laughed throughout the whole movie. I have to admit it was it was very sad when Baymax died.” here at LDV we had a movie night and we watched Big Hero 6. I interviewed Ms. Ballard and she said “the movie had a huge turnout”. Their was over 200 students who came to watch the movie. My opinion of the movie was that it was very funny.