Jameis Winston, Will He Go To The NFL ?

Jameis Winston is planning to stay out of the NFL and try to win another Championship in College Football. He wants to because he wants to get another BCS Title and be better going into the Draft. This happened on March 5th, 2015. I think that he will go to the NFL and be a great Quarterback. I asked Emiliano if he liked this decision, and he said,” I think that he should go to the NFL. He will be a high draft choice and maybe go to a good team, though all the Heisman winners usually go to horrible teams.” The people of FSU and they will be happy that he is staying in College, but I think most of the coaches of the NFL will be very disappointed  about their upcoming Draft Pick. Also he had 3,907 yards in 2014 and Colin Kaepernick had 3,369 yards in 2014. So, he had more yards than the San Francisco Quarterback last year. Colin Kaepernick had 19 touchdowns last year and Jameis Winston had 25 touchdowns last year. So, he is putting up more stats than some of the good quarterbacks are doing in the NFL right now. Some coaches are hoping he is going to the NFL, and I am too.

Jameis Winston served a three-game suspension from the Seminole baseball team. (USATSI)