Ldv Girls Soccer Team

The girls soccer team has been dominating all the other teams, being undefeated until one tragic loss against the Didion Dragons. I interviewed Alexis to tell me what happened at that game. Alexis’s thoughts were, “It was so sad because it was the first game we lost in three seasons of soccer, but we just have to try harder next time and beat those Dragons.” She says that the coach of the soccer team helps them and pushes them to their fullest potential and the least they can do to repay him is to bring back wins for Ldv. She also says that their coach is very intense but still cares for the players when they get hurt. I asked Alexis about the practices that the girls have and she describes them as fun but intense at the same time. Then she told me about the team. “We get along great, during practice we mess around but we are serious when we have to be, and every one on the team is really cool and they have great personalities and they are just such amazing people, and I’m lucky that we have a great team and that I get to play with them.” She also told me before the interview finished, “We represent Ldv and we win because we try hard and because that’s just what Ldv is: winners,”girlkickball