Cinderella, another story that people are bringing back. I went to go see it and it was amazing. Well that’s because I still like all the Disney movies. Also when you go see this movie you get to see a short clip of frozen fever. I don’t think that they are going to make a movie out of it. But it was a cool little clip of it.

So everyone knows how the movie Cinderella goes. In the beginning Ella was here name. The father and mother were still alive and having a good life with their beautiful daughter. But then the mother got sick and died so then the father thought maybe he can re-marry. So then he married a woman that was mean and had two daughters that were just like her. But then later on the father died and Ella had to live with them and they shut her out the family. They made Ella their scullery maid. And they always made fun of her and started calling her Cinderella. And one day she got tired of living with them so ran away for a little and into the woods and that’s were she met the prince but he didn’t let her know he was a prince because he thought she was beautiful and didn’t want her to think different about him. Basically when they both saw each other they fell in love. And the rest of the movie is for you to find out. Hope you enjoy this movie149nvag