High School JFK

John F. Kennedy high school is managed by principle Chad Sweitzer. Located at 6715 Gloria Dr, Sacramento , CA 95831 JFK was founded on 1967. The school was made dedicating to one of our presidents, which is John F. Kennedy that had died while on his role on being president. JFK contains many activities like most other high schools such as robotics, health education, and much more. They have grades up to 9th all the way to 12th having a number of students of about 2,253 ratio of 22.09. Kennedy’s main colors of the school are forest green and gold with a fierce cougar mascot. At Kennedy there are many activities for both girls and boys to participate in and these activities are football, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, soccer, golf, volleyball, rugby, cheerleading,   wrestling, water polo, and boys and girls cross country. Kyle W. said that JFK is a good school because they have good sports, clubs, activities, and he lives near JFK.04815