Insurgent: A Futuristic Adventure

This book takes place in the future. The main characters are Tris and Tobias (also known as Four). The author of this book is Veronica Roth. They is a lot of traveling and moving around in this series. When Tris finds out she is divergent in the first book, she ends up having many more advantages than more people who aren’t divergent. Many people, like Jeanine Mattthews for example believe people who are divergent are dangerous. Since it takes place in the future, there is a lot of advanced technology, so they need to be very careful because it’s very dangerous for them. The main idea of this book is that Tris needs to save her faction, which is Dauntless. The whole point of this that the divergent people can save the nations from the dauntless traitors. All the main characters find out that the world outside them in danger, and they were just an experiment to save humanity. Tris needs to fight for love, for factions-for herself.