LDV’s New 3D Printer

Leonardo Da Vinci School students are about to get just a little bit smarter. Parent Jessica Waterbury graciously donated a 3D printer to LDV about 3 weeks ago. The printer will definitely give the students new experience with technology that they had never had before. A 3D printer basically takes the 3D image you want to create with a Computer Aided Design or you can use a 3D scanner to copy an existing object. Then once you have done that the printer creates the object layer by layer from the bottom to the top and creates the image. Ms. Ballard (our vice principal) originally thought that the 3D printer would be in the science lab, but now she is thinking to have it in her office so teachers can check them in and out to use. Ms. Ballard said they got the 3D printers because, “The parent’s husband had recently past and he was a believer in technology and technology was important and kids should have access to technology and in his name she donated the 3D printer.” Thank you Jessica Waterbury for your generosity and we can all wish you and your family the best.  images