Cafe Di Vinci: Staying Open

Ever want a fresh cup of hot chocolate in the morning? Well now you can, every Monday and Friday before school. The hot chocolate will be located in the front of the school, and the 2nd coco cart is by Ms. Nakayama’s classroom. Cafe Da Vinci also provides fresh coffee for the parents. Hot chocolate cost 75 cents and the coffee is $1.50, all the money made goes toward our schools field trips funding, and cafe supplies. Cafe Da Vinci is ending soon but many of us have been talking about possibly keeping the cafe open and selling lemonade sometime during spring. I interviewed Miranda V. and she said, “The reason I like working in cafe is because i love doing it with my friends and it will get me prepared for a real job later in life” Overall, Cafe Da Vinci is a great experience and fun to do with friends.