Ldv Boys Soccer Team

The Ldv boys soccer team had their first game on march 9th. The boys won their first game against John Still, with a score of 4 for Ldv and John Still with a score of 1. Ldv tried very hard, Kyle scored 2 points and Grant scored one as well as newcomer William.   But the second game they had they ended up with an unfortunate loss. Ldv scored 0 points while the opposing team LAS scored 4 points winning the game. Hopefully our team can pull out a win in our next game against Martin Luther King (aka MLK). Kyle’s thoughts were that, “We are going to score 6 points and beat MLK very hard.” I think that we have a good chance of winning. I know that our team doesn’t want to have 2 losses in a row, so they are going to try their best and win one more for Ldv.soccer