Will the 49ers get better ?

The 49ers have just fired their Ex-Head Coach Jim Harbaugh to replace him with the other Jim Jim Tomsula. The Jim-Jim scandal happened at the Levis Stadium in Santa Clara.The 49ers did this because last year they went 8-8 in the 2014-2015 season. I asked Chace S. about this statement and he said,” I hate this decision. Jim Harbaugh fit San Franciso like a glove. Now we will have to be dreadful for as long as Jim Tomsula is Head coach for the 49ers”. I agree with Chace because Jim Harbaugh was a great coach. That was the first non- playoff season since Jim Harbaugh has been coach. Now that is all gone now and we have to be abused by the Ex-D-Line coach.tomsula