Student Council

This article is about the Student council, it is where kids get together and discuss what spirit days they are going to do. They ask people what they want for spirit days and discuss fundraisers to help the school out with money. In student council, there are two kids from each class from 1st grade to 6th grade then in 7th and 8th grade there is a president, treasurer, vice president, and a secretary. The leader of student council is the 5th grade teacher: Mr. Maroldy, they usually have their meetings in the computer lab at lunch. There are also some spirit days coming up, such as animal day on march 13th ,superhero day on march 20th. The talent show is on May 15th. I also found more info on some upcoming spirit days throughout the year, such as nerd day where you dress up and act like a nerd, also backwards day, that is when you wear your clothes backwards. Then Crazy day, that is when you act and dress all crazy, then there is a day called skittles day, I’m not sure what that is but I’m guessing its when you dress up in the colors of your favorite skittle, also a day called P.J. day and that is when you come to school in your P.J.’S, another day is quadruplet day and I’m guessing its when you get three of your friends and all dress up in the same clothes. Then a day called sports day that’s when you dress up in your favorite sports colors or favorite sports player,then the last spirit day that I found is called minecraft day I’m not sure what you would do, but I think maybe get a Steve head (a steve head is the head of the minecraft skin).