Possible Sports at LdV

This week’s post is about what sports middle school students and teachers want at LDV.  I interviewed many people and asked their opinions.  Caden said, “a track and field team, people like to run and would benefit from the team building.”  Sirard said, “rock climbing, students would love to climb the side of the gym.  With rock climbing a student can easily self-assess themselves and see how well they are doing.” KiKi said, “baseball, lots of people have wanted it, it builds hand eye coordination and team building and people would benefit.”  Mason said, “lacrosse, it looks cool and we should be able to do it because we already have  a field.  I also like track and field because I like to run.”  Michael said, “Baseball, we already have a baseball diamond that we don’t use so that should be easy.”  Brendon said,”football, it is a good sport for people and we already have a field.”  Kaylee said, “Swimming, it is one of those sports that works out the whole body.  Plus we have tons of swimmers and our mascot is a dolphin, so that would work pretty well.”  Dylan said, “Swimming, because I am on a swim team and it it really fun.”  Claire said “Swimming , swimming is lots of fun.”  Justine said, “Swimming, swimming is really fun and I love it.”

Out of the 10 people I interviewed, the sport that was the most popular was swimming with 4 votes.  Swimming is a fun sport that many people can play on a team.  Lots of people that go to high school are already on a swim team  and we could have a pretty large team.  There aren’t many middle school swim teams so the LDV team wouldn’t have much competition.  Most of the swim teams in the Sacramento area are high school teams and we would need our own league. One problem that we have is that LDV doesn’t have a pool and we would need to practice somewhere else.