Real Madrid

Real Madrid Club de Futbol, commonly known as Real Madrid, or simply as Real, is a professional football (soccer) club based in Madrid, Spain. They recently lost against Athletic Bilbao 1-0. Before that, they tied with Villarreal 1-1 with a wonderful penalty by Christiano Ronaldo a.k.a CR7 (Real Madrid) on the 52nd minute and a splendid goal by Gerard Moreno (Villarreal) on the 64th minute. The game before Villarreal, Real played Elche and won 2-0 with an awesome goal by Karim Benzema on the 56th minute and a beautiful goal by CR7 on the 69th minute. These last three games have affected Real Madrid by a little because in La Liga they moved from 1st place to 2nd place but are still in 1st place for the whole world. Their rival Barcelona is in 1st place with 62 points, Real is in 2nd place with 61 points, and Atlético Madrid is in 3rd place with 55 points. In conclusion, Real Madrid is still the best team in the world according to their stats and many reliable sources such as and many other websites. Not to mention that a couple of months ago in 2014 they won the FIFA Club World Cup Morocco 2014.Iker Casillas Also 99% of their team is made up of good players such as CR7, Gareth Bale, Chicharito, Benzema, Casillas, Navas, Sergio Ramos, etc. They are truly the best. In the FIFA Club World Cup 2014, San Lorenzo’s coach Edgardo Bauza said “Our performances have made me so happy, and Real Madrid are the best team in the world as far as I’m concerned. We still need to think about the future, though, and keep on working. This is a wonderful experience I’m having with Real Madrid because I’m working with a very effective, diligent and focused team. [Cristiano] Ronaldo is a great player because even when he isn’t scoring he’s still playing decisive passes to his team-mates and helping the side to get even better.”