Into The Woods

Do you like movies with Disney characters in them? If you do, you should watch Into the Woods. Into the Woods has a lot of movie parts from our childhood. Like Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the giant, Little Red Ridding Hood, the princes, and last but not least the Wicked Witch. This movie is different though. For example: Cinderella never got her prince because she left him, and Rapunzel gets with a prince. They just changed the story up a little so it makes it a little exciting. This movie is also a musical.

But all of these characters go into the woods and get lost sometimes and they all need something that some people have.

There is this couple that have been together for a while and they wanted a child. But they couldn’t have one and they never new why. Until one day a witch came storming in and she told the couple why they couldn’t have kids. They couldn’t have kids because the man was cursed. The witch told him he was only cursed because his father took something very special from the witch and the witch had to always keep them and never lose them. They were beans. And the father took them, then the witch became ugly and she didn’t like that so she cursed the little boy to never have children. And that’s why they can’t have kids.

But the witch made a deal with the man. She said “ I will give you three days to bring me a milk from a white cow, hair yellow as corn, blood red cape, and a slipper of gold. And then I will reverse the curse and you will have a child”.

And during their journey, they will meet Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack, and Rapunzel and they will all have what the couple need. They all end up going into the woods to fulfill a wish.