Spring is here!

Let the flowers bloom, birds sing, and clouds leak; spring is here! Yes, that also means… Spring Break! However, people have different opinions about different things. Is spring break a refreshing topic for a lot or little amount of people at Leonardo da Vinci? I have interviewed Taylor A. and Kyra K. to get their take on spring break. The first day of spring is Friday March 20th, 2015 and spring break goes from March 30th to April 5th 2015 at Leonardo da Vinci School. “I like to play mini golf, go to the movies, and go to Oregon with my family” says Taylor A. “I don’t really like spring because it gets warmer and I don’t like the heat” Kyra K. says, “I just like to stay inside and stay with my friends during spring break.” Since this is Middle School Opinions, I wanted to interview more people to get more information about spring break. I briefly interviewed Ada C., Isabel S., Jessi H., and Laura H. Out of all of the people I interviewed, everyone liked spring break. So, it is a 6:0 ratio of people who like spring break and people who didn’t like it; in other words, people really do like spring break.images