Mcclatchy High School

McClathy High school is one of many old high schools in 3066 Freeport Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95818. It was founded on 1937 covering grades through 9th all the way to 12th grade. McClatchy is one out of 14 high schools in the Sacramento City Unified School District that has been serving many students over 75 years having a current enrollment of about 2,400 students. In 2002 McClatchy was put on the National Register of Historic places. The schools mascot is the lion with colors of burgundy and white. There are many activities that can be participated that feature cross country, water polo, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and much more they also have clubs that you can join in such as California Scholarship Federation, Mathletes, Key Club, Academic Decathlon, National Honor Society and more, oh and also I forgot to mention that they have over 40 clubs to choose from. I had interviewed my sister Nancy H and she had said, “McClatchy high school is a great high school with many unique people and cool programs”.                                                                                     Featured image