Science fair

This year both 8th and 7th graders will be participating in the science fair at ldv. Students should have already started working on their experiments. All 7th and 8th graders have to write a report about their topic, they will also have to do a poster board that explains their topic. Students should not forget that both, their report and poster board, have to be neat and organized. All of these things will be due by Tuesday march 17. I asked Tran, a 7th grader, how she felt about this project and she said, “I am very excited to do this because in my other school we didn’t have a science fair and here they do.” The reason why 7th graders have to do a science fair experiment this year is so that they will be prepared for when they have to present their boards next year. So make sure that your child has started his/her project, so they can get a good grade, and make sure they have fun doing it.