Upcoming events

The leadership/student council is planning the upcoming events which are the talent show, spring rally, wacky wednesday, animal day, and superhero day. The talent show is May 6th – May 8th. The spring rally is May 3rd. Wacky wednesday is March 11th. Animal day is March 13th. And superhero day is March 27th. All of these events are happening at LDV. What we do in the talent show is basically have a lot of kids come and perform whatever their talent is. Some sing, some dance, and some play an instrument. The spring rally is a rally for both girls and boys soccer team. Wacky wednesday is when everyone has to dress up crazy and wacky. Animal day is when everyone has to dress up as their favorite animal. And superhero day is when everyone has to wear something that represents a superhero. My opinion about these events is that they’re all really cool and creative and i think kids are going to love them. Haley said “I really like these events they seem really fun and cool. My favorite one is the talent show because i get to see what peoples talents are.” I hope everyone comes and participates in all these events that the student council has planned.talent-show