Mathmatica is a special day of the year where the whole school goes to the gym at different times. there were games that were based off math like; reflections, building games, counting games and more. middle school students worked the stands. 7th graders had to take  a group of kids and show them each of the tables, then they could do that activity. Mathmatica this year was really fun. Cosmo H. says, ” It was fun, but  there were lots of bossy kids that got too excited.” Sasha C. says, “it was really fun but I would like more time to roam around with the kids so they could have more fun.” I agree with both of these messages. Some kids in my group were bossy and didn’t let the other kids have fun. I would also like more time because when we finally got to go to another stand our time was up. Aside from that I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait until next year.coculator l