You have Caught Fire but can You Catch the Mocking Jay?

In this action packed love story, Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen come back from the 74th annual hunger games. They are forced to compete in the 3rd quarter quell. They are nothing like the usual hunger games. In their numbered districts, 1-12, a female and a male tribute are chosen to battle in the games. Since the movie is held in the future, the arenas that are created by the game-makers are crazy. The arena for the 3rd quarter quell is fashioned like a clock. Every hour a horrible element takes place. At 12 o’clock the largest tree in the jungle is struck by lightning twelve times. At other hours of the day it rains blood, poison fog comes, killer monkeys, jabber jays copy what they hear, scream messages from the tributes loved ones, and last but not least a huge tidal wave crashes on the beach. Once they figure out the arena is a clock, the game-makers spin the center of arena around, all of the tributes are on the center piece and some fall off into the water. Now they cannot tell time until the cycle starts up again. As soon as they get back on track, they head to the lightning tree. Their plan is to connect some wire(that they got from the cornucopia at the beginning)  to the lightning tree and into the water. The electric charge will go through the wire and will electrocute who ever is in the water or on the damp sand. The other tributes(the bad ones) are on the beach/damp sand. The wire gets broken by the other tributes and their plan fails. But Katniss has a plan of her own. She took the wire that was meant to go into the water and wrapped it around an arrow. When the lightning strikes the tree she shoots the arrow into the sky. the arena which is the shape if a dome, starts to fall apart. Katniss is picked up by a helicopter looking aircraft, as the dome falls down and burns up. Katniss wakes up in district 13 and asked Gale how her family and district 12 was. He told her that her family was fine but there was no longer a district 12. The reason I wrote about wrote about Catching Fire, which came out in theaters on November 18th 213,is because Mocking Jay is coming out this November on the 21st. Which is the day Brendan R. is going to see it. he said ”I can’t wait until it comes out!” Chase S. said he is ”very exited!” for the movie.gdjfgwjfg