The Ancient Egyptians are Back!

On October 31st it will be time to Walk Like an Egyptian to the 6th grade Egyptian Banquet! In this exciting activity there will be entertainment and food. The 6th graders will be doing plays, dances (that they made up), and singing songs that relate to the Egyptians. Aamiah R. says “I’m doing the Walk Like an Egyptian dance!” Shes a 6th grader. Each 6th grader is in a group for either plays, dances, or singing. The Egyptian Banquet will take place in the LDV auditorium, 11:00- 1:00. They are doing this because they are learning about the Egyptians and its a fun way for the audience and the students to learn more about them. They will be dressed up as the Egyptians ranging from Egyptian gods to peasants. “I liked watching the plays and dances.” says Joaquin T. who is a 7th grader that really liked the banquet last year. Come to the banquet for a feast and entertainment with the Egyptians.king-tut-coffinette-tut_50-528x789