Where are you going?

There are many different types of high schools to choose from, where are you going? There is McClatchy, JFK, Christian brothers, Sac high and many more. The high school that I am going to talk about is JFK. I interviewed Kaylee K. and she wanted to go to JFK because it is close to her house and they have lots of good programs that she could participate in to such as robotics, marching and concert bands. There are also sports such as baseball, football and basketball. She also said that she has other friends and family going there. They also have great programs like the robotics coach Mr. Green. I also interviewed Calvin E. and he wants to join lots of clubs too. He wants to join water polo, robotics and the swim team. He also knows lots of people and some teachers like the music teacher Mr. Hammond. Over all there are lots of clubs and programs to join.John_F_Kennedy_High