Crispin Book Review !!!!!!!!!!!

7th graders have to read a book called “Crispin” for Mr.Sirard’s class. We have to read this book for our grade and we read it in 5th period .This story is about a 13-year-old boy known as Asta’s son.This story takes place in england 1377 A.D. and he is being hunted because he is being accused of stealing. Asta’s son is not his real name his real name is Crispin. I asked Joaquin T. what he thought of Crispin and he said that,”it’s a good book but not for everybody”. I also asked Brendan R. what he thought of this of Crispin and he said, “that Crispin was entertainment and a suspenseful book”. So overall the people said that Crispin is a good book overall. Thanks for reading my article.images