The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Strike Back

The crazy, pizza loving, teenage, mutant, ninja turtles have not been heard of for years. Finally a fantastic movie comes out and there are new cartoons, action figures, and new fans. This movie came out in theaters on August 8th in 2014. Kyle W. saw this ”amazing” movie. He said his favorite character was ”Michelangelo for sure!”In this crazy action packed movie the ninja turtles say their famous quote ”cowabunga dude”In this film the 6 ft tall teenage turtles fight against the ”foot clan” in the shadows. the turtles were discovered by April O’Neil, also known as Megan Fox. She follows them to the sewer and reports to her news boss about them. Everyone thinks she is crazy. When the turtles save New York cities life from the ”Shreder” they realize who the turtles are and what they did for them. Kyra K. said that she had not seen the movie but that she likes ”Michelangelo because he likes pizza the most!” I interviewed many other people and they all agreed that this was a great movie. Including me, i even saw this movie twice in theaters. In conclusion I loved this movie and I thank Jonathan Liebesman for directing, Joshua Applebaum, Andre Nemic, Evan Daughtery, Peter Laird, and Kevin Eastman for writing this wonderful turtles