Spooky Halloween Parade at LDV!

Get yourselves ready for a fun and spooky halloween parade at LDV on October 31st. Everyone is welcome to dress up and get candy. Pre-K through 3rd grade get to walk around in their costumes trick-or-treating. The 4th grader through middle school students will be passing out candy to the younger grades. LDV is doing this activity because it is fun for the students. “I’m excited to pass out candy to the little kids!” says Violeta V. who is a 4th grader.

You may be whatever you want as long as its school appropriate. “I’m going to be Thing One.” says Micah R. Vikky K. says “I’m probably going to be a snow witch.” She is a 5th grader. So everyone dress to your best and get ready for the LDV 2014 Halloween Parade!costume parade pic