NFL drafts

The time has come again, the best chance of the year for college students. The national football league once in a while does drafts, in order to recruit. This is the most common source of recruitment in the league. If you do not know, this is when college football players that are eligible to play, get picked to be on a NFL team. There is also a certain order in which these teams get to pick the amateur football player of their choice. That is a reason this is also called the player meeting selection. Now days, we get to see what happened, who got picked, and judge if it was a good or bad choice. For example the Cleveland browns team choice was horrible.  way back when, that was not an option to see who got picked or who did not. In fact, they had to see for themselves on who would be picked. Basically fans would have to see a change on television of the roster without getting any notifications on who joined. This was until 1980, when the National football league president agreed to have this broadcasted on live television. He stated that this was not going to be very popular on live television. Well he was wrong; if it was not popular it probably would not be broadcasted live today. The NFL drafts are one of the most looked forward to things on ESPN for the average football fan. This is done to recruit more players and started some time around April. This happens in many places around America and players picked usually goes to the teams home stadium. Actually, it happens in New York.                                                                                                                           Jesus: “Who was your favorite pick so far for the raiders since they are one of your favorite teams?”                                                                                                                        George: “My favorite pick for the raiders was the player Khalil Mack, picked in round one for the raiders.”                                                                                                                Jesus: “Why do you think so?”                                                                                                           George: “His linebacking skills are great and his speed as well and I think he will make a great addition to the team.”                                                                                       That is how the national football league works and operates and is a very anticipated event today on television.Image