Everybody wants something new to wear and if they are not going with an “Abercrombiestatist”, their probably going to want a taste of street style for example: Obey clothing or Diamond clothing. Mostly everyone is looking for some “cool” looking logos to fit their “personality”, or their just getting that type of brand because mostly everyone wears it, you now, to fit in.

People like the cool outfits but what’s the point of having that type of brand statist when everybody is giving you that look when you’re not that person that goes with their personality or style. Anyway, people are just who they are. Mostly everyone will want to try out something new. And any other brands that would be the best like Diamond, California, Obey, New era , Nike; Just do it, Famous, Zoo York, Vans, and Guess. I would wear these types of clothes, sometimes for a party or to see how it feels to wear these types of clothes.

Any of the brands that I like are probably Diamond and Famous. The reason why I like these is because I like how the company designs their shirts.

I interviewed a friend named Marcos and I asked him,” Marcos, how is it that you are able to like these types of clothes like, California, Diamond, Famous, Nike and all of the other types of brands, and make it fit your personality?”             Marcos response,” It does fit my personality and shows how I don’t need to be treated like a child anymore and I need to show them that I have grown up and need to be treated like others, for example like an adult.”

My response,” Marcos, I’m not trying to say anything bad, I think it’s cool to were these types of clothes and I’m alright wearing Diamond and Famous.”