On tuesday april 30 student council had a meeting with the people that are in the talent show.We talked about having 3 talent shows on the same day on May 21st . One for kindergarten to 2nd, 1 for 3rd to 5th and the last one is for 6th to 8th. We also talked to the people that were doing the song from frozen called ‘let it go’ .We had 13 people doing that song now we have less groups, maybe about  7 groups. We are hoping to cut that 7 groups lower so we can have lower groups doing that song. I interviewed 2 people that are in the talent show to see if they knew about the meeting and to see what type of act they are doing. The first person I interviewed was Joseph and he said” I did not know we were having a meeting and the act that i’m doing is a bass solo and i’m playing with my band called the myst with billy and Jojo..” Carmen said “she didn’t know we are having a meeting at all and she is singing human by Christina Perri.”  The next meeting we are having is on Tuesday May 13th in room 24 at 12:35.I hope to see everyone there.