Soccer Fashion

What would be the new soccer fashion of 2014 from having the latest jersey design from all the international sports .Also having the latest soccer shoe design from 2014, for example the mercurial IX vapor soccer shoes. Most people are into soccer from little kids to teenager and to adults. Soccer is a very popular sport and mostly everyone in the world would like to play soccer. Mostly all the new jersey from 2014 have a very good design of their jersey that are very popular like Brazil, USA, Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Panama, Spain, and all the international teams as well and that they are competing in the world cup of 2014. Any of the new and nice looking shoes are some t90, Mercurial Tropical pack Nike, mercurial IX vapor, Tiempos, CTRS’, and some Adizeros, Hypervenoms. Not only people are looking for style cleats, their also looking for some low price cleats. Also you’re going to have to look how the shoe is made because sometimes the cleats may not be stable to last long in soccer games.
I have interviewed a friend name Tom B. and I asked him, “What type of jersey/cleats he liked?”
“ Any cleats that I liked are some Hypervenoms and the international jersey that I like is Brazil.” nike