Hmong Food


The Hmong people crossed into Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar. The cuisine is influenced by Chinese and Vietnamese dishes. The staple food is white rice which is eaten with vegetables (hot pepper) or fried meat.  At large family gatherings, men serve the food and eat first. This leaves the women and children to eat last.


Typically, each meal includes rice and any kind of meat. Dishes are either boiled, steamed, or stir fried. The majority of the Hmong population grow their own spices and herbs. Also, the men butcher the meat for large events or gatherings.

  • Khaub Poob (main course)
    • soup made with vermicelli noodles
    • spicy broth, curry paste
    • quail eggs, bamboo, chilis
    • coconut milk
    • fish sauce
    • chicken
  • Nab Vam (dessert)
    • coconut milk
    • 3 layers
      • red, green, yellow
    • syrup
    • tapioca strings
    • water chestnuts and mung beans (optional)
  • Fawm Kauv (appetizer)
    • steam rice rolls
    • filling of chicken, beef, or turkey


I interviewed Starlight, who is Hmong, and here is what she said:


Me: What makes Hmong food different from other Asian foods?

Starlight: The taste, and how it is cooked.

Me: What is your favorite main dish?

Starlight: Phó.

Me: Do Hmong dishes have an acquired taste?

Starlight: Yes, it depends on the taste and texture.

Me: Is there a specific way that you are supposed to make the dishes, or it does not really matter?

Starlight: You can add things like spices.


I hope this inspires you to try Hmong food!