Every country hopes to make it to the FIFA World Cup but, especially they hope of winning the trophy. By winning this trophy it makes that team the best international team in the world. Every Soccer player’s dream is to be able to win and hold up this trophy in the World Cup Final. This trophy is the most important and valuable trophy in Soccer History. They had 2 World Cup trophies, the first one was in 9 World Cups, and then it got stolen and was never recovered. After this trophy got stolen they made a new one in 1974 that was 14.4 inches tall, 11 pounds, and made out of 18 carat (75%) gold. The first team to be able to hold this trophy was Germany in 1974 and the currently holding it is Spain in 2010. The team with the most wins in Brazil with 5 and after them it’s Italy with 4. For the team that won this trophy in 3 occasions they receive a replica. Every time before the World Cup they take this trophy on tour around the world before the tournament starts. Right now this trophy is on tour around the world it first started at the host’s country, Brazil, and it will be on tour for 9 months. The last country to have this trophy besides Brazil is USA.

I interviewed Coach Todd from the LdV soccer team about the World Cup Trophy and the questions I asked him are:

Me: “Who do you think is going to win the World Cup Trophy?”

Coach: “There are many good teams right now and it’s either between Brazil, Germany, and Spain.”

Me: “Why do you think they are the favorites of winning the trophy?”

Coach: “All of these Teams are good and a very good squad to compete against other countries.”  FIFA-World-Cup-Trophy-