Tricycle Track!

Students at Ldv middle school are trying to raise enough money for a tricycle track for the little kids at our school. This track will be made for the kindergarteners. I am guessing it will be an oval track so they can go slow or fast, whichever they want. Every one that will be on the tricycle will probably have to wear a helmet and some other protection gear like elbow pads and knee pads so the kids will not get hurt when there is an accident. I don’t think they have set a date for the track to be built yet. They want this track to be made because they want the kindergarteners to have fun and want to be at school all day to play with the tricycles. I interviewed Xavier M. and asked him what he thinks about the track and here’s what he said, “The tricycle track will be awesome for the little kids because they will have a lot of fun when racing but overall the track will be a great part of our school and the little kids will love it.” I also agree with Xavier that the little kids will love the new track.