Stanley cup playoffs- Hockey season playoffs

hockey2The hockey playoffs right now are going on and you may or may not be watching. First of all, let me inform you on the details. The Stanley cup is awarded by NHL to the winner of the playoff season after it’s all over. The first Stanley cup ever won was awarded to Montreal HC. Still to this day there are three Stanley cups which include, the “presentation cup” the ”replica cup” in the hall of fame in Ontario, Canada, and the “ Dominion hockey challenge cup”. That’s enough about the cup itself, let’s get into the actual games and teams. First of all, I must tell you that many games have past but I will not mention all of them. I will mention the games from April 20th up until now. The first game was Flyers and Rangers, flyers win, Canadians and lightning, Canada’s win. It then went from Red wings to Bruins and kings to Sharks which was Sharks’ win and Bruins win. The next day it was Rangers vs. Flyers then Stars vs. ducks and Blackhawks vs Blues. The winners of that day were Flyers, Ducks, and Blackhawks. On April 26th it was Red wings vs. Bruins then Wild vs Avalanche and Kings vs. Sharks and then proceeded to Blue Jackets vs Penguins. The ones that came out alive on the playoffs that day were the Bruins, Avalanche, Kings, and Penguins with each game close except for the shark’s game which can be considered a blowout. Now finally let’s move on to April 27th’s games and tell rankings so far and key players. Let’s start off with the team I think is most impressive because their amount of wins so far which is the Sharks. I think the people said to be key players so far are Raffi Torres, Joe Pavelski, and Antii Neimi. Raffi Torres was said to cheer up the team and has made key plays as passes and goals in his recent games. Joe Pavelski is the power player of the team getting the most scores and assists during his time spent on the team. Antii however, has also done great in his career, winning a cup, only in his rookie year. He has a .93 save percentage and 1.87 average score. The Sharks also appear to be one of the best teams out there with most of its matches being wins and points.
Me: “Since you watch hockey so much, what is your favorite team and do you hope they win?”
Manuel J: “My favorite team is the bruins, I hope they win but they are not doing good with more losses than wins”
Me:” Why do you think that is?”
Manuel J: “Their defense is not going so great”. Well, that sums up the Stanley cup playoffs for you.