Mrs. Ballard’s Dress Code Talk

Thursday during first period, Ms. Ballard came around the middle school and had a dress code talk. She told us that the dress code was going to be enforced a lot more now. All tank tops must have straps that are at least two fingers wide. If a student has any straps showing that are less than two fingers wide they will be asked to change. Shorts also must be long enough that is you where to put your hands down by your side then your fingertips would not go past the end of the shorts. lf the shorts don’t follow this rule, then you will be asked to change as well. She also didn’t want to see the four b’s (back, belly, bottom, and one other thing). If any of these are showing you will be asked to change. As you can see, most of the rules are directed towards girls, but there were some rules for boys as well. No sagging is allowed. If you are caught with sagging pants then you will be asked to change. You will also be asked to change if there are any gang signs or drug or alcohol ads on your clothes.

I asked two girls, since that is who the dress code seems to be angled towards, what they thought about what Mrs. Ballard had to say. Eva said that she thinks that “The teachers are extremely unfair because when we wear shorts our bottoms don’t show.” She also said “I don’t have any long shorts so I always wear pants and I get really sweaty and hot.” Carmen said, “It is unfair because I have long legs.” Hopefully these girls will understand that this dress code is there to help people focus.
dress code