Miss Peregrines Home for Particular Children

Everyone says Jacobs’s grandfather is insane, that the monsters he sees and the amazing stories he tells, are just that, stories. It isn’t until his grandfather saves him from one of these monsters, that Jacob starts to believe him. When his grandfather dies, his last words will set off a chain reaction, sending Jacob on a journey across Europe; to the orphanage were Jacobs grandfather grew up. All he finds is an old island and the ruins of a destroyed orphanage. But when Jacob digs deeper, he discovers that the orphanages inhabitants might not have been human, and that they might not be dead. Enter a world were a single day can happen over and over, were kids with particular abilities hide from monsters, and unlock the secret of what truly happened to the orphanage on September 3, 1940.

Described as “A chilling wondrous novel already headed for the movies” and “Both creepy and terrifyingly delicious”, this book has already made quite the impression on reviewers. I asked Hannah F, a Middle school student at LDV, what she thought about this book. She replied, “Oh My God, I loved it! It was really good, amazing plot twists, diverse characters, and a cliff hanger which everyone hates but loves at the same time. Also I love the incorporation of the old photos into the story and I liked the creepy story elements because I’m into things like that.” Over all this book has gotten stunning reviews from everyone and I highly recommend it to anyone in need of a good book.book