Battlefield 4

The game Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooter game made by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, and released on October 29, 2013. Starting with the campaign, the player starts in “mini-sandbox levels” that have vehicles such as tanks and boats that roam around the map. The player is equipped with a binocular-esque that identifies enemy and friendly units or objectives. Also weapons and dog-tags can be collected and used in multiplayer. On Multiplayer a game can have up to 64 players (on PC, PS4 and Xbox One) ,be either on U.S, China or Russia’s unit and pick one of ten maps to play on. New vehicles have been added such as jets with two different classes, ‘stealth’ and ‘attack’. Camo also has been improved for each weapon in the game along with new ‘adaptive camo’ so when switching maps the player doesn’t always have to change their camo. I interviewed my father and asked what he things he likes about this game and he said “I think the game is cool, you can drive tanks, jeeps, boats, helicopter, jets and everything.” To me, I think Battlefield 4 sounds pretty cool and I should start playing it, what do you think of Battlefield 4?

battlefield 4