Spring Break


                          Spring break has been one of the things that the kids at Leonardo da Vinci kids have been looking forward to for a long time.  On April 14, 2014 was the beginning of spring break for all of the schools in Sac City Unified School District.

                             I interviewed some kids on what they did during spring break.  I asked them what they did and I also asked them if they had a good time.

                            I asked Ginelli what she did during spring break and she said “ Well, I got in trouble, I hung out with my parents, went to my grandma’s and I also jumped into the river with my black dress on”. I also asked her if she liked her break and she said “In some ways I did, in some ways I didn’t”

                            I asked Eva what she did during her spring break and she said “I went to my grandma’s to hunt for easter eggs, hung out with Leilani, and I also watched a lot of TV”  I asked her if she liked her spring break and she said “Yea”.

                           I lastly asked Kyle what he did and he said “Body surfing. It was really fun”

                          Thankfully, everyone had a good spring break!