The Big Bang Theory: Science from a genius

the-big-bang-theory-logoThe Big Bang Theory is a sitcom that came out on September 24, 2007. The TV show sets itself at an apartment building in New York, where Sheldon and Leonard live. Raj and Howard (their friends) come over to the apartment and talk about science things. The favorite place that everyone likes to go to is the comic book shop. The comic book shop is one of the best places to get one of the rarest comics in history. Sheldon is one of the smartest scientists in this show and he would use his vocabulary against others but the people would just say “what”. They would all perform experiments on physics, and astronomy. In my opinion I think that this show is very funny to watch, but also to learn about science.

Me: “How do enjoy watching the big bang theory?”

Mother: “I enjoy watching the show a lot because its .”

Me: “Why do you enjoy it?”

Mother: “The cast tells the most funny jokes in the show and I think its organized well.

Me: “How would you rate this show from 1-10?”

Mother: “I would rate it to a ten out of 10.”