Spring Break Long or Short????

When the clock strikes 3 o’clock on April 11th the students of LDV are ready to go home for spring break. Everyone from 1st grade and up at LDV were very excited to take a week vacation from school. Not to mention the Easter bunny comes during spring break! All the kids relaxed, went on vacation, and filled their tummies with candy. However, some kids may want a longer vacation from school. Some kids think one week may not be enough time away from school, others agree to disagree on this subject. Most kids want more time to just be kids and have more time for themselves. I interviewed 1 third grader and 1 fourth grader and asked them if they would want a longer spring break and why. Third grader Cordelia W. liked spring break and wanted a couple days more to unwind and be with her family. Fourth grader Cassidy A. had lots of fun on spring break; however she wanted more time to relax and more time off from school. Students may want longer vacations to relieve their stress, school can be very stressful in elementary. Spring break may be made longer in the future, but until then students will have to enjoy their limited spring break time.