Ailin’s Post for 2014 LDV Upcoming Events

More and more events just keep coming up this year 2014 in LDV, which is making it very fun and entertaining. This event will be Pajama Day on Friday April 25th. After school there will be a movie night, there will be pizza and soda, and you’ll even be able to wear pajamas. The tickets are for only $5 which will count as a fundraiser for our school. Another event would be the academic celebration for all the middle school kids who have good grades. They celebrate by watching a movie. To be able to go you can’t have any D’s or F’s. To celebrate, the teachers will bring in lots of snacks. There will be chips, cookies, soda and there will also be a few movies to pick from to watch during lunch. It started at 1:00 to 3:00. I interviewed Elena O. about the academic celebration and she said, “I am really happy that I can be able to go because I don’t have any bad grades. I am also really proud of myself because this really proves I have been working hard. Plus I am really going to be happy there because I know there’s going to be many, many snacks.” Another event that will be coming up will be the Talent Show. It will be April 29th in room 24 at 12:35. This will be a great chance to show everybody what a taleneetd school we are.