Talent Show

This year’s talent show may be the best of all. The auditions were held on March 26 and all the performers are getting ready for their big act. There will be singers, dancers and many other performers. A talent show is an event where participants perform acts of singing, dancing, drumming and many more. The talent show will be held on May 8th. It will be in the gym at the start of school. Kids of all ages can be in this event. I had heard that this will be two hours long.

Every grade level can participate in the talent show. If your parents or family members want to come to the show they will be able to watch anyone. I interviewed Serapio N. and asked him what acts he thinks will be the best and here’s what he said, “I think the singing and dancing acts will be the best because singing you will be able to hear how they sound and you can see what dance moves people have”. I also asked him if he was going to be in the talent show and he said,” No because he doesn’t like be up on stage and performing.” Overall the talent show will have great performers and acts that will be outstanding.