Radioactive Band

Have you ever heard of It’s Time, Radioactive, or Demons? Well if so, you must know who I am talking about. I’m talking about the band, Imagine Dragons. Today, they are an alternative rock band. The main members are Dan Reynolds who is the vocalist, Ben McKee who plays the bass guitar, Wayne “Wing” Sermon who plays the electric guitar, and Daniel Platzman who plays the drums. They originally formed in Nevada in the year of 2008 and became widely known these past years from their hit singles, It’s Time and Radioactive during the year of 2012. Now, they have been releasing more singles. Their recent album, Night Visions, have sold over 2 million copies in just the U.S. and is awarded platinum in eight different countries. I asked Matthew what he thought about Imagine Dragons.

Me:What makes Imagine Dragons so good?

Matthew: I like how they use a lot of instruments in their songs.

Me: What about their songs do you like?

Matthew: I like the energy in the songs.

Me: If they were to release a new album, what feel of music would you like to hear?

Matthew: I want to hear music that makes me feel pumped-up.

I suggest that many people take the chance to listen to Imagine Dragons. They are an awesome band and their music is very deep. Their music will keep you rocking or will keep you chill.