Pajama day and Frozen night!!!

On April 25th, Leonardo da Vinci will be having a pajama day and movie night.  The student council are trying for them to be more better and more involved.  You are supposed to come to school in your pj’s and stay at school until 5:30.  At 5:30 is when the movie ends.  All of the kids that wear their pajamas get a ticket.  Student council is having pajama day so that all of the kids can just come to school in pajamas and are very comfortable.

After school, the Frozen movie is going to be played in the school gymnasium.  The movie tickets are for $5.00 and include pizza, soda, and the movie of course!  Inside, there is going to be a sale, selling baked goods and popcorn.  I interviewed some of the middle school kids and a teacher on what they thought about the movie night.

I asked Eva if she was going to the movie sand she said “Of course!  I’m going to come in my awesomest pajamas!”

I asked Joseph if he was going, and at first he said “No”.  He hesitated and then added “actually, the movie seems good, so I might think about it”

I also asked Mr.Sirard if he was going and he said “No, it’s for babies.  I might donate, but never see the movie”