Middle School fashion 2014



What would you think is the new middle school fashion in LDV. Would it be a normal life style like any other year, or would be something surprising and awesome every day to wear at school. It could be from sports uniform to something casual or something surprising to blow your mind or wear a super hero outfit or shirt relating to it. Many people are wearing stuff with different colors and neon colors. But for my opinion, people are probably not going to wear something surprising to blow your mind every day but in spirit days, those students will dress up like that. For me I would usually wear something casual or maybe a sports uniform for soccer practice or just because I like the style of that jersey.

So I interview a friend named Russel and I asked him,” What do you think is the new fashion for 2014.”             He said, “I think the new fashion would be wearing some slim pants and maybe wearing a shirt with a gray or black guess sweater and some gray Nike shoes.”

“Why do you like that type of clothes.”             “Because I like the type of brand and the styles they have.”