Mediterranean Food

Mediterranean food consists of fruits, veggies, lots of poultry and seafood, and grains and pastas. It is considered healthy to eat because of all the olive oil used to cook the dishes. Mediterranean cuisine spans the whole area adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea. Unlike other cuisines, it is more like a bunch of cultures mashed together. So the food is influenced by many different countries.

Many spices are used to make the flavor of the food their own. Basil is used in southern France and Italy. Pasta sauces include this peppery taste. Cardamom releases a sweet, warm, and savory taste and feel to dishes. It is used in beverages and some deserts. Chili peppers are used to add some hot, spicy taste to sauces.

I have been to many different restaurants for Mediterranean food. I have eaten Greek, Moroccan, Italian, French, and Mexican food. Everyone should try Mediterranean cuisine, if you haven’t, you should try it. The dishes are considered healthy. I interviewed my dad, who is Greek.

Me: “Do you share any family recipes?”

Dad: “Yes, many. I know many like Baklava or Spanakopita.”

Me: “Do also like any other Mediterranean food?”

Dad: “Yes. I like Italian.”

For many celebrations in different cultures, they have a huge feast. For Easter, some have lamb. For Thanksgiving, some have turkey, and so on.

I think everyone has had Italian food. Many of these foods in the Mediterranean cuisine are popular.