Hiram Johnson High School Is It Going Down

Hiram Johnson High School is not looking great with a 2012 API score of 703 which is not good. All of the scores you see in this post are from 2012. The CAHSEE scores for math is a 78% and an English language art is a 71%. Most of the test scores on the CST are not the best, the algebra one is at a 16% which is not good. But biology is good at an 81%. Earth science is at a 23% and a language art is at 33%. The geometry is not good at 45% and those are the CST scores of 2012. Going away from all the grades and such this school has some sports teams like there football team for men and junior men and a golf team for woman but sadly there is only soccer for men. They also have a tennis team for woman and volley ball for woman and junior woman. They also have the ROTC which is Air Force training for an activity. I had interviewed a woman named Rebecca I asked her how she liked it there and she had said, “Oh yeah I loved it for the short time I was there.” But that was back in 1976 so many things might have changed like they had an archery area and a swim team and also she said they had an awesome band. So over all Hiram Johnson is not really the best school compared to most schools and I would not recommend going to this school.