On APRIL 25  we are having a frozen movie night and pajama day too. It is $5 to get into the movie. The movie is going to be held in the  LdV  gym. The admission comes with pizza  and drinks. There will be a bake sale and they are selling candy and popcorn inside.This fundraiser will raise money so that the Kindergartner’s may have a  tricycle  track.  I  asked people what they thought about having a frozen movie night. Joseph  said ,” I think middle school is going to like it but  I  think  the movie is more for little kids and old people. Monet said, ‘“I am not going, I think its going to be good movie . And  a lot  of people will enjoy the movie.Litzy said “its a good idea, because it is a really good movie.”

Its going to be fun.”,Kyle said, its  a good idea and the movie is going to be cool.” Tickets are going to be sold  friday.  When you pay you will tell them the  type of pizza you will like,cheese or pepperoni. You can not bring your own food inside the gym/movie.  The movie and pajama party is from 3:15 to 5:30. Tickets will be sold on Wednesday and friday before and after school. I hope all of you guys will go to is movie party and have fun.

sphen and olaf