Raiders to LA

Have you heard about Oakland Raiders may becoming the Los Angeles Raiders in 2015? Every Raider Fan in Oakland is shocked cause their team might be moving to a new city, but the people in the Los Angeles Region are hoping to have NFL team in their city to be able to watch live NFL games. The reason why they want to move to LA is because of their Stadium that is the third oldest stadium in the NFL. The NFL Board Members say that it could be the worst in the league. They also don’t want to remodel it and that’s a problem. The Raiders owner Mark Davis wants to keep the Raiders in Oakland and will try everything to work out the stadium deal with the city. In my opinion I think they shouldn’t leave Oakland. If they move to LA, they are going to have to build a new stadium and where are they going to build it if there is no room to build from all the buildings they have. Also if the Oakland Raiders have money from what they earn then why they don’t they remodel their stadium.


I had interviewed a fellow Raider fan Joe A. and this is what I asked him,


Me: “Do you want the Raiders to stay in Oakland or leave to LA?”


Joe A.: “I want them to stay in Oakland.”


Me: “Why did you want them to stay in Oakland?”

Joe A.: “Because in Oakland, they have a better fan base but they can become a Higher Market Team quicker in LA.”