LDV Lockdown

Chain with lock

On the 29th of March during 5th period and parts of 6th the entire school was locked down. Some third graders said that they spotted three men, two coming out of a van and one in the van, one of these men that they saw was possessing a gun. The kids reported this to the principle and the school went under lockdown. All the windows were shut and covered and all the doors were closed. The lockdown lasted an hour and a half and school resumed as usual or as close to usual as possible. During the lockdown, the police came around and knocked twice on our doors this was our signal that we could come out of our rooms. My father called the police to find out what was happening and they said that all they could tell him was that all police officers on duty were at our school to protect us. I interviewed some people to ask them what they were thinking during the lockdown. Juju said she was thinking, “I’m gonna die.” Aryanna said that she was thinking about, “The big bad guy with his big bad gun coming in and killing us all.” Grant said, “If we were stuck in here forever I would eat Cece first.” I also asked what these people thought was happening during the lockdown. The answers to my question showed that when kids don’t have information about a uncomfortable situation, they think the worst. Juju said she thought, “There was a person killing everyone and I was next. Aryanna said when she, “Heard the sirens, i thought that the police were chasing them.” Grant said that he thought, “Someone was on the roof of the school.” Hopefully we won’t have another lock down anytime soon and if we do, we will be better informed about what is going on.