Halo Reach

In 2010 a game released by Bungie and published by Microsoft for the Xbox 360. The game Halo Reach is a first-person shooter game that takes place in the ruins of a planet called Reach in 2552. The player starts off in Noble Team, fighting against alien Covenant. In story mode, the player is on the team, Noble 6 as a super soldier. If a player dies they respond to their last checkpoint to continue their fight. Player can also pick up enemy weapons after a battle for a secondary weapon. This game also is fun in multiplayer. It has different types of game modes like Capture the Flag and Slayer. Also in multiplayer there is a map called Forge where you can edit your own map adding spawn points, weapons, vehicles and other items. I interviewed a friend to see what he likes about the game. Shon’s T. opinion was “It’s pretty much a well made game that has a variety of game types, also it has a good story-line.” To me Halo Reach is a great game that people should play with friends and I recommend this game to other gamers who like action packed video games.